Výsledek obrázku pro DTSC-200

The DTSC-200 is the ultimate control for new ATS (automatic transfer switch) builds and retrofits.
A complete measurement and protection package, it easily configures to utility-togenerator,
generator-to-generator, or utility-to-utility systems for open-, delayed- or closedtransition transfer
with sync-check to ensure the smoothest possible transfer.

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Výsledek obrázku pro DTSC-50

The DTSC-50 digital transfer switch controller is an economical controller for open-transition
(break before make) automatic transfer switch (ATS ) control for emergency standby applications
with a single generator. When it detects a utility failure it commands
the generator to start and transfers the load to the emergency source. When utility power is
restored it performs an open-transition retransfer and allows the engine to cool down before
stopping. It can be utilized in 1Ph2W, 1Ph3W, 3Ph3W, and 3Ph4W systems.

Leaflet for DTSC-50 Here