Differencial protection including extended protection and control functions 1 base unit to each end of line ,
phase selective current and voltage protection functions , measuring functions , monitoring functions, automatic reclosing,
disturbance recording, programmable logic functions,
control functions (direct/indirect) of max 3 switching elements- DC driven (1 CB/isolator/earting switch),
up to 5 recognizable switching elements (display), AC and DC wide range power supply


Device CSP2-L
Documentation Manual
Type line SL
Current Transformer Inputs (MTP) 4
Voltage transformer inputs (MTN) 4
Binary inputs 22
Relay outputs 6
Watchdog relay 1
50/51 Overcurrent time protection Yes
Transitional stabilization
67 Control overcurrent protection time Yes
50N/51N Ground protection Yes
50SN/51SN Sensitive EF insulating / Compenzanted Yes
50N/51N Ground resistance / Direct grounding Yes
67N Ground direction protection Yes
49 Thermal protection Yes
50BF Electrical safety circuit breaker Yes
27/59 Voltage protection Yes
59N Residual Voltage Yes
81O/U Frequency protection
32/37 Directional power
46 Negative sequential protection Yes
49 Motor Protection: Thermal Protection Yes
87T Differential protection: Transformer
87G Differential protection: Generator
87L Differential protection: Circuit ano
64REF Differential protection :Ground Differential
60FL Voltage transformer supervision Yes
79 Re-energizing the relay Yes
Reset / Block Yes
Time data Yes
Parameters 4
Record Event Yes
Error messages Yes
Record failure Yes
Matrix relay output Yes
Control and monitoring of the power switch Yes
Control and Detection of the Switchboard Yes
74TC Check the control circuit Yes
Programmability Yes
86 Locking relay Yes
Modbus RTU Protocol Optional
IEC 60870 – 5 – 103 Optional
Profibus DP Optional