The SPM-D2 are microprocessor-based synchronizers designed for use on threephase
AC generators equipped with Woodward or other compatible speed controls and automatic voltage
regulators. The SPM-D2-10 Series synchronizers provide automatic frequency, phase, and
voltage matching using either analog or discrete output bias signals.


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The MSLC-2 control is a microprocessor-based load control designed for three-phase electric
power generation sites equipped with the DSLC -2 digital synchronizer and load control. The
original MSLC has been blended with another decade of application experiences to develop the
new MSLC -2. The MSLC -2 is a synchronizer, a utility load sensor, an import/export load level
control, a power factor control, and a master process control. Applications include power systems
which operate in parallel with the utility with single or multiple utility feeds as well as new
capabilities for multiple segment and intertia breaker control

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The DSLC-2 control is a microprocessor-based synchronizer and load control designed for use
on three-phase AC generators. The DSLC -2 control combines synchronizer, load sensor, load
control, dead bus closing system, var, power factor and process control, all integrated into one
powerful package. Applications allow up to 32 generators to be precisely paralleled and controlled.
A dedicated Ethernet system provides seamless communications between DSLC -2 and
MSLC -2 units. A second Ethernet port is provided for customer remote control and monitoring
capability using Modbus TCP allowing easy DCS and PLC interfacing. Modbus RTU is available
through a separate RS -485 port.

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